Travel Agent Associations

Marketing to ASTA and other travel agent groups

Photo of happy business people applauding at conference, focus oAccess to travel agents and their organizations is an important resource in getting your product out to an important player in the travel and tourism industry. ASTA alone represents over 8,000 agent and holds an annual conference that provides an opportunity to showcase your travel product to a large number of agents and organizations in attendance. KSA will  present and familiarize travel agents and their representatives with what you have to offer. The unique position of travel agents in the industry, touching so many different facets of travel and tourism and having direct access to consumers, makes travel agent associations an extremely important market segment for marketing your product.

Whether yours is a tourism destination or experience, a transportation service, hospitality or entertainment, let KSA showcase your unique offering on your behalf and bring you the exposure and opportunities to develop your revenue base.