Business Development

Developing New Markets and New Sales Opportunities

Your business is ready to attract new clients and new opportunities. Our staff specialize in finding and developing new business opportunities for you to sell your product to new audiences overseas. With our wide network of contacts in all sectors of travel and tourism, we can find opportunities and bring them in faster and for a fraction of the cost of doing it on your own.

We know the industry we work in and can advise and identify new opportunities and suggest new niches for you. We have contacts among travel organizations and industry specialists in almost every location and venue. From carrying out database research, discussion and  brainstorming, we will devise a program to get your product in front of appropriate audiences, influencers and decision-makers. We will generate interest and buzz around your product that will lead to new sales opportunities. And, we’ll provide product contract representation on the ground to facilitate new relationships and new contracts for your product.

On the road on your behalf, our representative will take your marketing presentations, brochures, videos and other materials and get them into the hands of potential buyers in whatever locations we have targeted. We’ll train and explain your product, service, destination or event to potential buyers at trade shows, conferences and in education sessions as though you were making the presentation yourself.

As we develop leads and clients for you, we stay in touch and continue to support those relationships to help grow them over time and bring you reliable repeat business, even as we continue to source new leads and clients.

For a complimentary consultation, contact us or call (702) 990-3684.